Update from the Trail

It’s hard to believe that our 15 students are just ONE day away from completing the NOLS portion of the Gap Semester Program!  The students have been on the trail for 19 days, learning about environmental ethics, wilderness skills, and leadership, and we are anxiously waiting to hear how things went.  We will have a full NOLS update once the students return from the trail, so check in with us often to read what they have to share!  In the meantime, we have posted new photos to the Gap Semester Program Facebook page and Flickr stream (click the links on the right-hand side of the page to check them out).

How did we get photos from the group if they are out on the trail??  We want you to know that the students participating in the program have zero access to technology at NOLS, except for a few digital cameras.  About half-way through their three-week venture, a NOLS guide met the group on horseback for a re-ration.  This is where the group handed over the first batch of photos to be sent back to Elon and posted for everyone to enjoy – what an experience!

We couldn’t be more excited to follow the students as the semester progresses, and look forward to hearing about the remainder of their time at NOLS.  The students return from the trail on September 12, before beginning the drive to Pine Ridge, South Dakota for their first week of community service with the organization, RE-MEMBER.

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