Costa Rica: week 3

From the Coordinator of Gap Programs: Week 3 marks a number of milestones for our students in Costa Rica. It marks the end of the first half of the Culture & Society course so students will be taking final exams. At the end of the week, it marks the halfway point of our time in Costa Rica. It’s also the week that we go to the Arenal volcano to spend time relaxing in thermal springs after 3 weeks of studying hard and working to improve our Spanish skills.

Over the course of the week we heard a speaker on religious diversity in Costa Rica and went to the National Gold Museum. However one trip stood out to me as we went to Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly, where the equivalent of U.S. congressmen would gather to discuss laws and current national events. Our guide, who was also the professor for the students in the course that just ended is one of the 57 congressmen in the country and showed us around the buildings. We met the Director of Environmental Management as well as the Vice President of the Legislative Assembly. We even peeked into a press conference when the security guard opened the door to it so we could see it as we passed by. It was a very interesting morning and one that very few people get the chance to experience.

After the final, we spent the weekend relaxing and enjoying a job well done and half completed. The pictures below are from a nearby waterfall and the resort where we spent our weekend relaxing and sliding into both cold pools and thermal spring pools. After recharging the batteries, students are ready for the second half of their studies and what is to come in the next three weeks!

2 thoughts on “Costa Rica: week 3

  1. Patrick L Ross

    Hola “Elon Gappers”:

    I am really enjoying hearing about your adventures. Great water falls.

    I was wondering if there are many other students from the NC campus in Costa Rica with you right now. Also wondering what are there various religions in this country and did anyone get a chance ego attend religious services with their host families?

    Looking forward to hearing about the grand three week finale.


    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thank you for all your comments! There are other Elon students in Costa Rica now but they are not studying at the Elon Centre this semester. The number varies depending on who is interested in studying in Costa Rica. Students have opportunities to attend services throughout the week as on most weekends, the group is traveling.

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