2013 Elon Gap Semester – 1st 5 days

DCIM100GOPROStars glimmer overhead

Whispers escape through silence

A journey of the soul

I am most excited for the potential that sleeps within this group. Within me, my peers, our instructors and our most grand companion: Mother Earth. The transition from surrounding the glow of a cell phone to watch Netflix, to gathering around the dim light of an illuminated Nalgene bottle fills me with excitement. We have only just begun and already I see my peers pushing against their fears, coming out of their shells and I feel myself beginning to do the same. I was scared that as a group we might not connect well. It has taken mere hours in the field to shatter that apprehension. I am confident we will cultivate trust, gratitude, kindness, humor and most of all a deep connection that will remain within all of us as we embark on this journey that is a life. The specifics about what we “did” today aren’t important for me to record right now. The rich vein of potential that courses deep and abundantly through this group is. I couldn’t be more excited to rise up … and begin! Continue reading “2013 Elon Gap Semester – 1st 5 days”