Last blogs from Costa Rica & the 2014 Elon Gap Semester


Costa Rica is a true testament to the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”. As each day goes by I realize that I need to be appreciating the little things more so than I have been. For example, I have really enjoyed eating dinner with my host family, but these past few days I’ve made it a priority to have dinner with them. If some people from the group offer an invitation to me to go out I say no because I want to spend as much time with my host family as possible. Along with this, around 6 o’clock every night my host mom asks if I want to eat now or later with Marypaz (my host sister). I think for two seconds and always answer with “yo puedo esperar hasta que llegue Marypaz en casa” which means “I can wait until Marypaz comes home.” Whether it’s in the United States or in Costa Rica, I’ve always enjoyed company while eating, and I especially enjoy the company of my host family. I find that we have great conversations every night and we always end up laughing. Even if we sit at the dinner table in silence, which rarely happens, I know that they appreciate me just being with them. In these next few days instead of thinking about leaving, I am going to cherish the last few dinners I have with them.

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