How exactly do you blog from NOLS?

The Gap 2015 cohort is out in the back country, sleeping under the stars each night and cooking over a campfire each day. They’re enjoying the fresh mountain air, far away from modern conveniences such as cell phones and computers. Which begs the question how exactly do you blog from NOLS?

Each of the Gappers writes their blog post, the old fashioned way using pen and paper. There are also two Go Pro cameras for the team to take a few photos and videos along the way. A few times throughout the Expedition, a NOLS staffer with the food supply for the next leg of the journey meets up with the group at a designated place and time out in the wilderness. This is usually done on horseback. During this exchange the group receives food and supplies for the next portion of the Expedition. This is called a re-ration. The Gappers then give their handwritten blog entries and memory cards from the Go Pros to the staffer who brought their re-ration. The re-rationer then delivers the handwritten blogs and memory cards to our friends at NOLS Rocky Mountain who then decipher the handwriting, type the blogs, upload the photos, and email everything to the Coordinator of Gap Programs at Elon. The Coordinator of Gap Programs then uploads the blog posts and pictures to the Gap Experience blog.

Voila! Friends and families can get a sneak peak into what life is like on the NOLS Expedition! Be on the lookout for the second round of blogs from the wilderness in early September.

2 thoughts on “How exactly do you blog from NOLS?

  1. Sally McDonald

    Thank you! As a parent of a Gapper, I have often wondered how that works! Also at this time wish to thank those who are supporting the Gap group this year! I’m sure there are many! Grateful for all the efforts!

    1. Elon Gap Experience

      Hi Sally! Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 We thought it was important to let family and friends in on the miracle of blogging from the backcountry!

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