By: Andrew Novinski

It is weird to think that two days ago we were waking up from sleeping under the stars at 5 am and the stars were still out and the Planet Venus was able to be spotted… going forward a couple days we have driven all the way through Yellowstone sightseeing. We saw Old Faithful, tons of buffalo, moose, pronghorns, and quite a few waterfalls which were gorgeous and not to mention the continuous beautiful scenery we drive through each day. The rolling Rocky Mountains of Wyoming never get old. It has been nice to make it back to technology, but it has been overwhelming at the same time. I was used to seeing the same 17 people every morning and now it is the same thing plus all of these people everywhere…also referred to as the public…crazy right?  I am enjoying the company of each one of my compadres and looking forward to the long road days we will have together all cooped up in a van. I love road trips. I am very eager to dive into all the different service-learning we will be doing because it is not your basic high school community service. It is very up close and personal and although I am a little nervous, I am eager to put myself outside of my comfort zone and experience such amazing hands on learning.


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