10 Things I Learned This Week

By: Laurie Heggedal

  1. Sickness can be passed along at an impressively fast rate when there are 15 students living in close proximity to each other.
  2. If you would like to know how to avoid getting that sickness, ask Lyn or Elizabeth Coder.
  3. Placing a beach towel under the mattress springs can reduce the loud creaky noises that the bunk beds make when slept on (Marin taught be that one).
  4. Gardening and watering flowers can be very therapeutic and relaxing.
  5. Indirect volunteering may feel less rewarding to the volunteer at times, but is just as important and helpful as direct volunteering.
  6. Fundraising for a non-profit organization is a lot more glamorous (or unglamorous, if you’re looking at it from my perspective) than volunteering.
  7. Bronchitis is not fun to have.
  8. The church’s house that we stayed in all week used to be an orphanage in 1914.
  9. Cave ecosystems are very interesting, and have organisms without eyes or pigment because they never see the sun.
  10. Indiana does not follow the time change and is one hour ahead of Missouri, meaning that you will lose a much-needed hour to write your weekly essay and blog post and will end up in the grass at midnight in front of the cabin that you’re staying in because everyone is inside sleeping when you’re trying to write your assignments during the hour that you lost. (:

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