A Day in St. Louis

By: Gabe Thornton

Waking up for the first time in weeks on my own accord and not to an alarm was a pleasant change of pace on this dark Saturday morning. The clock read 11:30am. I almost missed the morning entirely. Thankfully those of us who wanted to go into town that day were leaving at 12 leaving me just enough time to shower off and grab some food before heading into the vans. Only 4 of us including myself had decided to venture into downtown St. Louis. Gabe, Laurie, KP, and Andrew. A small party but a party nonetheless.

Our first destination was the Arch otherwise known as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. An incredibly long line prompted us to skip the ride to the top but the visitor’s center was there to offer us a wealth of knowledge instead. The center was located within the old courthouse of St. Louis and was in fact the location of the beginnings of the infamous court case involving Dred Scott and the legality of slavery in US territories in the 1850’s.

After exploring the museum for a little while longer, our small group made its way to the St. Louis Bread Co. for lunch. This sounds unique but it turns out it is just what they call Panera Bread here in the city. After lunch we bought our tickets for the City Museum. Leading up to this point we had been told the City Museum was like a giant playground for adults. The amount of overzealous children we encountered in the main lobby told me it wasn’t just for adults. Small children aside, there were people of all ages climbing through the web like maze of steel and would that decorated the interior of this artistic place. It was like an enormous wrought iron jungle gym mixed with a modern art museum that had an affinity for exhibits about slides and obscure animal sculptures. Never had I been to a place quite like this.

We saw as much as we could of St. Louis’s largest playground museum before heading into downtown to find more food. Elizabeth had decided to sit the museum out in favor of a presumably more enjoyable cup of coffee. We had agreed upon a time to meet back up and had a good hour to kill yet. Being National Batman Day we naturally had to go into the Star Clippers comic book store on the street corner. The sign out front said “free comic for your best batman impression” I couldn’t let this deed go undone. I gave them my best batman impression which was filmed and put on their facebook page. Leaving the comic book store feeling quite accomplished with my free comic in hand we stepped into the Lucas Park Grille for a pleasant second lunch and some football. We then contacted Elizabeth, met up at the van and found our way back home.

There is something to be said about a day that I thought for sure I had ruined by sleeping in, being turned around into a really pleasant memory from this trip. It was a day filled with history, art, good food, even better friends, and Batman. What more could I ask for on my day off.


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