A Day on the (Urban) Farm

By: Jack Kapes

Woke up today around 6:30 for our second day of work in St. Louis. I had a breakfast of toast and cereal, which was quite good. We started our second day at the City Seeds Urban Garden. I started off shoveling the mulch mix of one part manure and four parts dirt, which was pretty hard on my back. I worked at it for about an hour with my hat on which helped keep me out of the sun. Walking back to the shed to take a break, I noticed the lawn mowers and weed whackers so I popped the question to one of the leaders about using them and I got the go ahead. I ended up using the mower for about two hours out front and in between the beds, which really made the place come together. I then took out the weed whacker and cleaned up my edges, resulting in a nice looking entrance to the garden as well as the paths throughout it. We had a wonderful lunch and were able to meet some of the people there for the garden therapy. I even got to have three pieces of turkey on my sandwich today! After we headed to a food depository where we sorted goods and prepared weekend meals for the children. We arrived home around four thirty and we made bake Mac-n-cheese for the potluck tonight. We brought it over to the sports center and I had a blast playing human foosball with the gang and was even able to meet some other kids. All in all today was a pretty long day and I was eager to get into bed tonight. My stomach is aching a bit but I’m not worried at all. It seems people are getting over the sickness and tomorrow night we have the fundraising event. I’m having a nice time here and I’m looking forward to seeing Aunt Kelly tomorrow morning.

Jack 1

The Weed Whacker and I

Jack 2

Mac and Cheese!


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