One Big Family

By: Anthony Fraden

This past week I experienced quite a lot. The week began with me finishing off some recuperation from having had a bit of a stomach bug that mysteriously appeared and that ended up affecting a great deal of our group. After that I had returned to full health and took part in the rest of the weeks activities which involved gardening at local gardens throughout St. Louis, preparing food to be distributed to children who were in need of meals, setting up and taking an active role in a fundraiser event for Food Outreach, and relating what we were learning now about urban farming to different things we had learned from our time spent at Pine Ridge. It wasn’t all just work deep reflection, though. We were also able to do a lot of group bonding activities with our group. We went to go play human foosball together after having been invited there by the coordinators of the center we were staying at, we went to go watch a Cardinals baseball game at the nearby stadium, we watched movies on nights in with one another, we went to explore the downtown area of St. Louis which held museums and the St. Louis Arch, some of us went to a haunted house that was one of the top 10 haunted houses in the nation, and we went spelunking in the Marango cave on the way to our next destination. Suffice to say we’ve managed to keep ourselves busy between our service-learning and the extra activities we choose to fit into our schedule. It really feels like we’re all becoming one big family. This week has been another great addition to the experience that is this Gap Semester we’ve all embarked on and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in these next couple of weeks!


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