Pushing Through the Pain

By: Jill Salvucci
So I am not sure how many of you readers are aware but over the past week the gap
group has acquired the plague. A plague that consisted of a lot of vomiting, fevers, and just all around feeling like death. I was unfortunate enough to get the plague at the beginning of the week. In my opinion, the worst part was waking up and all you want to do is roll over and pretend that you have no responsibilities for the day. On Monday I let myself succumb to the desire to just sleep the day away. At the end of the day I felt refreshed but unaccomplished. I knew that I could have served people in need today but I chose to sleep. I told myself the next day I was getting up, in whatever state I was in, and going to work. No excuses.

Tuesday morning rolled around and I did not feel the best. But then I remembered, during NOLS it did not matter how you felt when you woke up you still needed to get your butt up, pack you bag, and walk the 7 miles you had planned. You had no choice, there was a goal put in place and if you didn’t reach it then you were just making more work for yourself in the future. I needed to get back into my NOLS mindset. How hard could it be to garden for a couple hours compared to that?
We arrived at City Seeds and I put myself right to work. I shoveled, I hoed, and I
wheeled dirt back and forth to be dumped out. I put as much effort as I could to make up for the day before and that day. At the end of the day I felt even better then I did when I slept. I felt like I made worth of my day. I think that really feeling accomplished is what got me over my sickness, just being in such an active and great mindset all day was the medicine I needed to defeat the plague.

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