St. Louis

By: Henry Bost

This was probably one of the most hectic weeks we’ll have on gap. From the plague striking our group in full form, human sized fooseball, to this weird orangey harvest moon thing I’m sitting under right now, we’ve been all over the place. I spent the majority of 3 days lying around the house, afflicted by the sickness that swept through our cohort. That was pretty miserable, but in all honesty it was nice to have some peace and quiet and escape the full fledged energy of the group during the day. It has started to get more and more stressful, being surrounded on all sides by the same people 24/7, but I have found that with this increased level of tension comes an equally increased level of camaraderie and fellowship. We’ve been joking around more, taking more walks/going on more small adventures to break up the monotony of our everyday activities. It seems like people are starting to get more of a sense for which members of the group they are most comfortable with and engaging them in new ways, but I also think that we’ve also maintained a cohesive and supportive group dynamic that involves and includes everyone. It has been really interesting to see how we’ve developed and evolved as a group this past week. It seems like some people are thinking more and more about our fall break and the escape that that will provide from this intense experience (I know I am), but everyone has really stayed engaged and present in what we are doing. It seems like everyone is ready to pull through and finish strong so that we can truly enjoy the benefits of meaningful service and feel good about what we’ve accomplished when we finally get our respite.


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