The Unheard

By: Nathan Hunnicutt


I sit, I grow,

But nobody knows

How deep I truly go.


After spending time in both the Pine Ridge Reservation and St. Louis, I have realized that so many people go unnoticed in what they do each and every day. In Pine Ridge, the stories of the Lakota People go unrecognized and are forgotten in time. In St. Louis, we could see how we had an impact on the community around us, we were pulling weeds, clearing out the overgrown vegetation around the gardens, and setting soil for the next harvest.

One of the stressed points of the whole Gap Experience is to get to know the people – ask questions and make observations. So many stories go unheard. When we take the time to listen, we learn so much more about the culture and the people. Isn’t that what this portion of the Gap Experience is about, Service-Learning?

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