Feels Like Home

By: Andrew Novinski

I love connecting each different week and seeing how each is an entirely different atmosphere but shares many of the same feelings. West Virginia was very different for me because I didn’t know what to expect, which ultimately helped me get the most out of this week. The beginning of the week I was thinking wow this is going to be a long week and now its already done.

One of the great times I had this week was the Thursday night bonfire dinner. We all sat out by the fire roasting hot dogs and s’mores having a good time and the weather was great. Sitting by the fire is one of my all-time favorite things to do with my family around the holidays. We laugh, share stories and sometimes keep it completely silent. One of the elderly folk brought his guitar and played a bunch of great songs. We eventually got to sing with him. I got up there and sang wagon wheel with him, which made me feel right at home with my siblings. The people here were so nice and made us feel right at home and I am thankful my week was enlightening as it went on.

I had another fantastic time on Saturday night when a local band came in and played some great covers of country music and classic rock. Back home in Texas I have visited my grandparents each October for a fall festival. There is live music and dancing and this past Saturday felt very similar. I also felt very proud that I knew how to two step and twirl and pretzel. I was a little shy at first when it came to getting on the dance floor but I asked one of the girls in our group if I could dance with them even though they claimed they didn’t know how. I had a fantastic time and made sure that each girl in our group got a dance. I am very thankful now and proud that I was taught how to dance like that.

I cannot believe there is only one week left of this portion of the semester. I have come such a long way this week and it has been the most rewarding, but more waits in store in D.C. Until then I love and miss everyone back home can’t wait to visit in less than two weeks!


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