Mullens Fire Department

By: Jack Kapes

Woke up today around 11:30 and clambered into the kitchen to finish off the left over pancakes from the previous morning that I had made. The pancakes heated up well and filled me up. I headed back upstairs and spent about an hour watching the Hobbit video diaries by Peter Jackson that took place over the course of the entire filming of the series and then headed down to the showers to get ready for the tour of the fire department. Around 1:45 Charlene and her husband Alan came over to pick Henry and I up for the tour of the station. When we arrived all of the garages were open and there were a couple of firemen outside on chairs waiting for us. We got to meet 6 of them and met the 2nd Lt., Larry, who gave us his phone number for the future. Anyway, we got to see all of the rigs, 7 in all, and were informed about the ways in which one can become a firefighter or EMT. They were incredibly friendly and towards the end of the tour they pulled a fire truck out for us to see. We took some pictures from inside the cab and all of a sudden they closed the doors and we took off. They gave Henry and I a ride back to the MOC in the truck. I had never been inside of one before so it was an incredible opportunity for me to see one in action. As we pulled into the MOC, they turned the sirens on and honked the air horns. No one in the group believed that Henry and I would have been able to go to the firehouse, let alone get a ride back to the MOC so it was definitely worth it. If this makes it to the official blog I’ll throw in the video of us riding in the fire truck. When we got back inside I went up to my room and here I am now, working on my blog and taking in what had just happened. I forgot to mention that we’ll both be receiving fire department of Mullens t-shirts in the mail and we both got our own Mullens fire department badges. Today turned out to be a great day and I’m looking forward to our next week in D.C.

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