Top Ten List

By: Eliza Upton

  1. Cleaned out the Itmann Company Store like bosses. After a full dumpster and over ten trailer loads of trash, the old beautiful building is starting to look usable once more.
  2. Learned how to line dance. Wednesday night is line dancing here at the Mullens Opportunity Center (MOC, our home for the week). A few of us (literally) jumped into the class and learned a few new moves.
  3. Showed off new line dancing skills at community concert. The MOC had a country rock and roll band on Saturday night. Gap had quite the time dancing the night away with the rest of Mullens and throwing in our fresh new line moves for a few songs.
  4. Roasted marshmallows and hot dogs at a bon fire. Thursday night was bon fire night! Hosted by our lovely friends at RAIL and the MOC.
  5. Sang Wagon Wheel and Take Me Home, Country Roads at same bon fire. Joey brought his guitar so naturally there was singing.
  6. Held a cat for the first time in months. On Saturday I had the pleasure to do some homework in a lovely coffee shop in Beckley, a neighboring town. The owner’s cat floated around the shop and I got some quality animal time that has been missing from my life recently. But shoutout to my one of a kind dog at home, Stella. I miss you and our snuggle time dearly.
  7. Watched October Sky and Castaway for the first time. Friday night was movie night. We set up a projector in the gym and I got to enjoy two new films.
  8. Anthony made spinach puffs. Enough said. They were incredible.
  9. Did shovel squats. The new all-encompassing service workout trend that I made up during our time cleaning out the Itmann Store.
  10. Made my moms chili. During my night on cook duty I enjoyed pulling out my mom’s vegetarian chili recipe and cooking for the group. It was nice to eat a familiar meal and feel that connection to home. Miss ya Mama!

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