Where the Trail Ends or Begins

By: Nathan Hunnicutt

As I wonder aimlessly along the beaten path,

Which has been carved and re-carved over time

By man and by nature,

Few can see the progress of the past

And few can be see the changes of the future.

Wood guards it, leaves cover it, water shapes it.

An island watches over all that comes and all that goes,

The trash of the decades root themselves consuming the eye.

It is an untold and forgotten story,

It is…

It is the youth,

It is not what you can see,

But rather what you cannot see.

The hands that will shape its future is held in the arms of those that come,

And passed on by those that go.

Its web has been spun a tangled mess,

As one end is unspun the beauty begins to show,

Who will pick up the web when the present is gone?



This past week I and three others of my cohort preformed trail maintenance on the Old Coal Heritage Trail in Mullens, West Virginia. When we started it was an overgrown mess of vegetation that was partially undefined. Trash covered the whole, and anything that had been previously built was washed away by the numerous floods. At the end of the week, my fellow workers and I cleared out the overgrown vegetation, picked up a majority of the trash, used the rail ties to build rails alongside the trail to stop erosion, and constructed a brand new boat ramp. Although we accomplished so much, it is left to the youth of Mullens and the future groups that come to RAIL to renew and build upon the foundation that has been laid by those that came before us.

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