Advocacy Day

By: Jack Kapes

Today we worked with the organization BREADfortheworld and were tasked with lobbying our senators and representatives about a bill that the BREADfortheworld is trying to get passed. We were all sent out around Capitol Hill with various scheduled meetings at different government building. The first meeting I had was with one of our Illinois Senators, Mark Kirk. The meeting went well even though I didn’t get to meet Senator Kirk and I was able to get a positive response in support of the bill. The next office I visited was the office of Representative Jan Schakowsky of the 9th District. I had a pretty lengthy talk with one of her staffers and although Rep. Schakowsky wasn’t there, I was invited back to meet her later that day. Next was Senator Richard “Dick” Durbin, another one of my Senators. His office was beautiful and again, even though I didn’t get to meet him, I was able to talk with some of his staffers and received positive support for the bill. I then headed back to Rep. Schakowsky’s office and was able to meet with her. Although I was only there for around two minutes because she had to go, I had the opportunity to take a picture with here. I was invited to go with her to a meeting but I had to turn it down because I had to go back but I was welcomed to visit her anytime back at home. I found it amazing that I, an ordinary citizen, was able to meet with the staffers and even a representative in their D.C. office. It was a wonderful experience and I had a great afternoon “lobbying”. Even though some people got to meet with their senators directly and even got onto their twitter feed, I was more excited to meet my local representative.

Jack Blog

Rep. Schakowsky and I


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