An Exercise in Poetry

By: Gabe Thornton

An Exercise in Poetry

We were visited by David Harris this week. David once was homeless but overcame it and no speaks with students and conducts writing workshops. With 20 minutes to write whatever we felt like pertaining to our experiences thus far, I decided to write poetry.

3 Haikus

What have I learned here?

Only what I can observe

Not just what I see

People love people

It takes interaction first

To understand love

What use is this hour?

What is time to a goat?

Do what matters now

Free Verse

In this life we feel afraid

Eggshells line the roads we tread

Give us this day our daily bread

Will our image matter when we’re dead?

What do you plan to leave behind?

Memories of love and that you were kind?

Or will it be hate and indifference your children find

When learning by example, developing their mind

Black white green red

Night time’s here, where’s our bed

Private public it’s in our head

Dinner time’s here, will you be fed?

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