Elbow Deep in Chicken

By: Jill Salvucci

I think one of weirdest things I have experienced during the service learning portion occurred at D.C. Central Kitchen. We arrived in the kitchen with our plastic aprons and hair nets ready to chop some veggies and what not. The man working in the kitchen pointed to Elizabeth, some other kid, and I and asked us to follow him to the sink. Little did I know what I was about to encounter. Pounds on pounds of ice blocks of chicken legs stood before me in the sink. Our jobs where to piece apart these chicken bits and put them into a container to be seasoned. When I say these chicken blocks were bricks, I am saying that you could build a house with these chicken blocks they were stuck together so well.

In my life I have never encountered so much chicken. It was like bobbing for chicken. After you pieced apart a chicken block a lot of it would fall off into the water. I needed to stick my hand to the bottom of chicken water and fish for the fallen chicken. It was both funny and extremely gross. I did not know what to feel at the moment. The chicken had made me into a glass bottle of emotions.

I can honestly say that I personally did not want to eat chicken legs for a little while after this experience. I know I did such a helpful thing for the kitchen; however, it was just a weird experience.


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