Nonstop Movement

By: Andrew Novinski

D.C. has been a lot of fun! We have all been exhausted from the last 4 weeks and are all ready for break, but have enjoyed being in a fun district, as overwhelming and busy it may seem at times. The vans were not touched this week as we either walked everywhere or took the metro. My legs have definitely gotten their use and one night I decided to go on a 4 mile run with some people and I found out in the morning that my body really hated me. I miss playing sports and being active in that sort of manner and I am glad to go back home for a week and at least get the chance to actively watch my favorite sports teams play.

It was interesting to feel the drastic change from being in Mullens, WV where everything is very laid back and the schedule is extremely flexible and then traveling to the Nation’s Capital where there is a schedule for everything. The metros are very punctual, people walking down the street needing to be somewhere, and then there is us. We are in the middle because we like to sit around and chill but we had to strictly be on time to places and use delve into the business of the District. It is exhausting just watching people walk and cars honking all the time. The phrase, “the city never sleeps” was a true statement here.

My favorite day of the week was when we went down to an organization called Bread for the World. We were there specifically to help them Advocate for the Global Food Security Act. This Act worked toward aiding women farmers to help them by providing them with the tools, seeds, and land titles which would help them grow more crops to feed up to 100-150 million more children. The act also worked towards providing nutritional interventions for the first two years of a child’s life when it is most important that it be nourished healthily. After having enough time to get to know the information we went to Capitol Hill where each of us got to meet with our state senator’s staff members. I was fortunate enough to have an intern representative from Bread for the World who was from Texas to be with me in the meetings, but it was a fantastic experience to speak with someone higher in the world of politics.

I cannot believe this portion of the semester is done and I will be in Costa Rica in week. I don’t even want to think about it yet. I am excited to go home and see my friends and family and take Texas back in for a week. Peace out Y’ALL.


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