Socks and Bananas

By: Henry Bost

This was our last week of service learning for gap, and was definitely very impactful. While yes, the service projects were great, I found that some of the most profound experiences came from outside of the designated service hours. Last night I went with my buddy Jack to go hand out socks and bananas to homeless people on the street. Since we were supposed to do an actual project like that as a group, but it got canceled, Jack had been asking everyone in the group, especially me, to go on an independent run with him to do that. I had denied him several times, and no one else really showed interest, so by last night I figured I might as well, if not to get him off my back about it. The first guy we met was surprisingly nice, extremely grateful, and even insisted that we take one of the buttons he had adorned his guitar case with as a token of his gratitude. After we bid him good night and walked away, I thought to myself; ‘wow, that felt really good’. I was surprised by this. I had expected it to feel like somewhat of a chore, but of all the 10 odd people we handed stuff out to, I was so glad to converse with them and show them common decency. Even with people that we found sleeping, we left a little surprise for them in the morning. That felt really good too. By the end of the night I was extremely thankful that Jack had bugged me so much to do that, saying ‘I don’t know, I just feel like there’s something missing from our service this week’. We went out again tonight with five of the girls, which was great, but I will remember the first night most fondly because it was very unexpected yet very rewarding.

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