Taking Part In It All

By: Anthony Fraden

This week as part of our service learning we spent a day advocating for The Global Food Security Act of 2015 to members of Congress on behalf of a nonprofit organization called Bread for the World, local to Washington D.C. As a group we were able to go and talk to our respective state members of Congress and talk with them about whatever concerns we had wanted to voice, even if our biggest concerns weren’t related with the Global Food Security Act we were still able to go and speak with them about it. It was an odd experience to just be able to walk into the various Senate buildings and speak to different officials even without any credentials of our own. Yet while it was fun going around and talking to different representatives of my state of North Carolina my favorite moment was in between meetings when me and my friend Lyn had over an hour until our next meeting was scheduled, so we decided to briefly rent a couple of bikes from this interesting quick-bike service that was used all around the city. We were able to bike from the capitol to the Washington Monument and back with just enough time to return the bikes and go to our next destination. It was a great time riding around the city and seeing the large number of museums and art exhibits as we passed. The view from the Washintong Monument was also a sight to behold. The sun was warm and there was a nice breeze in the air as we biked around. It was an unexpected highlight of a bustling day, but getting a chance to explore the city like that was more than worth it. These four weeks of service have opened my eyes and taught me so much, it’s hard to believe that they’re coming to an end. It’s been a terrific experience, and I’m glad I’ve gotten to take part in it all.


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