The Simple Act of Saying Hi

By: Nathan Hunnicutt

Looking down a street left and right

There is always seems to be a homeless man in my sight

He is covered in an assortment of clothes from head to toe

But this person, I do not know

It is sad to say that my thoughts of them are unknown

That it is simply how I was raised, that is how I have grown

But spending time in this City unheard

There is so much that I have found out and have learned

That man has a story just like me and you

It only takes a five minute conversation to pick up on that clue

He is a mechanic, a writer, a man

And he is not always looking for a bed or a hand

What this man would like is a minute or two

For you to say “Hello”, or “How are you”?

Find out their name, their life, and their story

And you just might receive some of their glory

The glory to sit down, to hear and learn

From the experiences of those whose candle light still burn

We all have a seat at the round table of old

Whether it is warm, hot, chilly, or cold

So listen and learn, that is all I have to say.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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