An Obvious Gringo

By: Henry Bost

Wow, Costa Rica has been crazy so far! There is no way that I could have imagined this before experiencing it. First off, my host family speaks hardly any English, so that has been extremely challenging. My host mother speaks none, and my host father speaks a little bit. He has been my main point of contact in the family, helping me to get settled and oriented here. Yesterday he even took me to the local soccer team’s game. It was so cool experiencing that and seeing how intense and excited everyone got. Afterwards both my host dad and mom took me to the local farmers market where I helped carry a bag of exotic fruits and vegetables that I had never heard of. They tried to explain what each thing was but there was no way to keep up. It was great seeing the market though, as it was extremely different from anything we have back home. They have been cooking me delicious meals every night, and we have learned to communicate well enough to get by, like taking a shower, time for dinner, or what time are you leaving tomorrow. Today was our first day of Spanish classes so I hope that helps me communicate with them on a more in depth level. For now, we get along very well and they seem to enjoy my company. I am still getting my bearings here, but I have picked up a few colloquialisms and local customs which have helped me feel like I fit in more. Hopefully this will continue to be the case, because as of right now I am still an obvious Gringo who makes many mistakes.


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