Buses in Costa Rica

By Jack Kapes

Let me just start of by saying that there are a ton of public transit busses throughout the San Jose area that will take you anywhere around the city. The busses are tall and require a big step to get onto. Some of the busses stop at marked stops but most times they just pick up and drop off at random points along the roads. Be careful when getting off the bus because on the sides of the streets are deep ditches known as gringo traps that would not be good to step into. The bus drivers drive crazily and when you pay make sure to hold your hand out and wait for your change. They manually sort coins while they drive and are hard on the horn. Most of the time it’s quite pleasant to ride because all the windows are open and the doors are kept open too but when it rains they become overcrowded and unpleasant. Every morning I walk to the side of the road and wait for the bus to San Ramon. Once on the bus I have to be very aware because the stops aren’t listed or even announced. Once close to my stop, I reach for the wire and give it a good pull to make sure the buzzer goes off. Again, there are no stops so all I know is that I get off the bus at the blue gate when going up school and I know when going home I pull for the stop at the church. The busses are a cheap way to get aound, they’re only about $.60 and are always running routes. The take a bit to understand but once you do it’s a breeze.


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