Spanish Word of the Day

By Laurie Heggedal

Tuesday, October 20 = “Hola!”

(But several times I said “Aloha” on accident instead).

Wednesday, October 21 = “Sí.”

(… To just about everything that my Spanish host mother said).

Thursday, October 22 = “No hablo español.”

(Even though most Costa Rican locals could tell that I couldn’t speak Spanish without me needing to say anything).

Friday, October 23 = “Me gusta…”

(Because there are many things that I love here, especially my Spanish host mother’s cooking).

Saturday, October 24 = “Qué?”

(Now that I am understanding more Spanish, I ask more questions if I don’t understand what someone is saying, instead of responding with a confused “Sí!”).

Sunday, October 25 = “Mi amor.”

(The Spanish term of endearment that my host mother is now calling me because we have a great relationship, despite the language barrier between us).


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