Spanish Words and Phrases I Find Myself Saying or Hearing Frequently

By Lyn Nelson

GOALLLLLLL (like a soccer goal): Never once is a soccer game not on our television downstairs. Also every time my little brother scores a goal on me during our mini indoor soccer matches he runs around the house yelling goal.
Buenos días (good day): The only thing I have time to say to people I pass as I’m rushing to school in the mornings.
Cuidado (be careful) : A term I use frequently while playing soccer with my host brother inside our house. I’ve only been here a week and he’s already knocked over several family photos.
Que rico (pretty much means how delicious): My host mom is a professional  cook so that pretty much explains that one.
Mae (dude): A term casually thrown around in our gap cohort- used like in the United States.
¿Quieres café? (would you like coffee):  Costa Rica has some of the best coffee I have ever tasted, and fortunately my host mom serves it with every meal.
 ¿De dónde eres? (where are you from): Generally one of the first things a person I meet will ask me. I guess my blonde hair pretty much gives away that I am not native to Costa Rica.
llueve otra vez (it’s raining again) : You can expect a heavy downpour every afternoon. Let’s not forget we are in rainy season.
El terremoto (earthquake) :  Apparently there are tons of earthquakes here every day and we can’t even feel them!
Saprissa – The name of my host families favorite soccer team- we may even be going to see them play this weekend!

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