Week 1 Photo Collage

By: Elizabeth McDonald

Week 1: Photo Collage

Upon arriving in Atlanta and being reunited with everyone, Laurie and I decided we wanted to go swimming. Much to our disappointment, the pool was empty. Solution: bathtub balooza.

EM 1

The first day in Costa Rica was somewhat of a blur but I knew after just a couple hours here, this was going to be an incredible experience. Walking home from school the other day, I already felt like this was my home.


When I imagined taking classes down here, I thought we would be in a typical classroom. Instead, we get the opportunity to learn outside, truly immersed in the culture.


After class one day, we went to San José and inside the Mercado Central. My senses were overwhelmed with a plethora of sights, sounds and smells.

EM 4

Continuing our mission to work with others in the community to improve their lives, we volunteered at a local food bank. It was very interesting to compare the work done here and that in the United States.


On our first weekend excursion, we visited Volcán Poás. In all the time I lived here, I never saw it as clear as I did the other day.


We also visited La Paz Waterfall Gardens which gave us beautiful views of the waterfall and an opportunity to see some awesome animals.

EM7        EM8


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