A Day in Costa Rica

By: Gabe Thornton

By this time, I have started to develop my daily routine for weekdays. My morning usually begins around 5:20am when my host mother begins her day bright and early. After battling for another hour and 10 minutes of undisturbed sleep, I finally roll out of bed by 6:30 am. I get dressed for the gym and walk out of my room, greeting my host mother at whatever activity she is doing. She knows by now that it will be roughly an hour until I return from the Gold’s Gym just up the street. I walk out to meet Laurie and Elizabeth on my street at 6:40 and we walk to the gym. After my workout, I return home and sit down for a breakfast consisting of fruits, bread, ham, and an egg with the occasional side of rice and beans. Once finished with breakfast I thank my host mom, take a shower, get dressed and packed for school, and head out the door. The walk to the university is short and I am usually accompanied by my gym-mates who are just returning from the locker rooms to walk to school as well. After 15 or so minutes, we arrive at ICADS, have some coffee, and begin our Spanish classes at 9am. We have Spanish until 12pm and then it’s time for lunch. Some pack their lunch while others go out to purchase it locally.  By 2pm, all have returned and we begin our afternoon society and culture lesson. At 5pm, school is over and we walk home to have dinner with our host families.  After dinner, we can go out and have free time, depending on whether or not we have finished our homework of course.  Then it is time for sleep and to begin our day again bright and early in the morning.


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