A List of Costa Rican Do’s and Don’ts

By: Laurie Heggedal


-Study Spanish vocabulary (so you don’t end up calling your Host Mom “mamacita” because it does not mean “mom”).

-Watch Dancing with the Stars with your Host Family every Sunday night (it is quite entertaining).

-Go white-water rafting (you’ll get to see so many breathtaking waterfalls and forests).

-Try new cultural foods (even if it’s just a small bite that is hard to swallow because it is so spicy).


-Expect cars to stop for you as you cross the street to school (…they won’t).

-Try to pick up new Spanish words at soccer games (most of them should not be repeated!).

-Slam the taxi door closed (because the taxi drivers will yell at you for it… And maybe take the more expensive route to your destination).

-Spent a lot of time on your electronics (it takes away from time you could spend immersing yourself in the Costa Rican culture).

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