Adjusting More and More

By: Anthony Fraden

This second week of living in Costa Rica has been great! It seems as though everyone has been adjusting more and more to living life here. I personally feel like I’ve gotten a much better handle of things. I can navigate my way through the streets with ease, know the locations of different stores and restaurants where I can buy lunch and other necessities, and I can judge how much time I need in the mornings to make sure I can get up and make it to school on time. One of the highlights of this week was getting to go white water rafting on Halloween. I had never gone rafting before, so it was an especially fun experience getting to paddle and ride through the river. This week we were also able to go see a fútbol game at a nearby stadium. I found myself getting swept up in the crowd’s excitement, and became very passionate about the team that I was rooting for to win the game. Unfortunately my team lost, but the experience itself was more than fun enough to make up for the loss. The classes we’ve been taking here have become easier to take in with time, and I find myself wanting to study more about the culture and make the most out of our time here in Costa Rica. The foreign meals that my host mom has been making just seem to be getting better and better as the days pass by, and every day when it’s time for dinner I feel ready to eat everything she makes. Being here has been a unique and rewarding experience, and I can’t wait for all that’s still to come!

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