Costa Rica Week 2 Top Five List

By: Eliza Upton

  1. White water rafting: On Saturday I had my first experience with white water rafting and my expectations were happily exceeded! During our three hour trip down the Pucuare River I enjoyed battling rapids and waves from the front seat, swimming alongside the raft on multiple occasions, chatting with our guide Ronan, splash wars with other rafts and taking in the gorgeous scenery.
  1. Played cards with host mom and family: On Friday night my lovely host mom, Elia, took me to dinner at her sister’s house. Last week I had met their family at a costume birthday party for Elia’s sister, so it was nice to return to their home and get to know their family a little more in a casual setting, like a normal Friday night dinner. After dinner they taught me how to play Rummy, and I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I felt playing with my new Costa Rican family. There was love and mockery shared during the card game that reminded me of my own family dynamic back home.
  1. All the bus ride views: This past week we got a taste of the scenery outside of San Jose as we journeyed to a few different field trips away from the city. I love all the color of the city, but the green of the mountains in the countryside is just incredible. We’ve spent hours driving along mountain views and I’m not sick of it yet. One of my favorite moments came during our rafting experience. We were riding in the back of a big open truck trailer, descending down a mountain towards the river, and there were trees I had never seen before towering hundreds of feet above us, cows and bulls grazing on the mountainside, and giant palm trees holding odd and enticing fruits. It was just incredible and I am lucky to have experienced it.
  1. The Watermelon and Pineapple: The Watermelon and Pineapple in Costa Rica is incomparable to anywhere else. The best fruit I’ve had back at home doesn’t even compete, and I’m currently brainstorming ideas on how to smuggle fruit back into the U.S. in four weeks.
  1. Started Spanish class: As my last blog post expressed, I’m in desperate need of Spanish language capabilities, but on Monday I had my first official Spanish class. And while I’m not anywhere close to fluent yet, each day my Espanol understanding is growing just a little!

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