Jaco Beach

By: Jack Kapes


Today I woke up around 6:30 for the trip to Jaco with Henry, Marin, Devon and two other people from another ICADS program. We made our way through San Jose to bus terminal 7-10 for the 9 o’clock bus to Jaco but were surprised to find out the bus was full. We were able to get tickets on the next bus out of the city at 11:00 so we spent the next hour and a half walking around getting some food for the afternoon. Once ready to board the bus we were funneled into the bus bay where we were stood against the wall, in a line, while the police checked everyone. Our bags were put next to us and a dog was sent down the line checking our bags. We gave our IDs to the police and after we were cleared, we boarded the bus. After a two hour drive, we arrived in Jaco and headed to the beach. We spent four hours hanging at the beach. We swam, talked, ate lunch and relaxed. The water was choppy and made for some good wave jumping. Around 6:00 in the afternoon we headed to the bus depot and boarded the 6:30 bus to San Jose. Today was definitely  a wonderful beach day and if I have some time later tonight I’ll include some pictures.

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