Top 10 Scariest Things in San Jose

By: Marta Djalleta

In honor of Halloween it only feels right to share the 10 most frightening things in San Jose, Costa Rica!

  1. The speed of some native speaker’s voice. This takes a foreign language to the next level!
  1. The thick fog that lines the city and mountains. It makes navigating a new city all the more thrilling!
  1. The noticeable tan lines that are apparent after 15 minutes or less in the hot sun. Sock tan lines aren’t cute and never will be!
  1. THE BIRDS. I personally have a huge fear of birds and the toucan at the animal sanctuary last weekend seemed to be latching on to me a little too tightly for my liking.
  1. The thick textbook we received for our Society and Culture Class. Which we found the hard way, did not have to be read in the large sections that it was divided into.
  1. The fear of getting stuck at the crosswalk and being late to class. At one specific crosswalk before walking to school one can either be waiting there for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. It all adds to the excitement of the bustling city of San Jose!
  1. White water rafting Although we all survived, some of us coming out a little more wet than others, those waters were pretty rough! (Photo coming soon! 🙂 )
  1. Gringo traps. These large holes scattered throughout the sidewalks in San Jose make the walk to and from school all the more interesting!
  1. The possible amount of weight that can be gained from all the bread and sweets that I have been consuming. Host Mom, te mo! But I physically don’t have room for another roll!
  1. The fact that two weeks have already passed by! It’s true that we all have exciting things to come back home to and back on campus for, but our time in Costa Rica is limited! We are all so fortunate to be living in such a vibrant culture; we have to soak up all the experiences and opportunities that we can! So in spite of all of these frightening things, I am excited to make the absolute best out of the next month in Costa Rica!

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