Trip to Jaco Beach

By: Marin Williams

It has been almost two weeks since we arrived in Costa Rica. I was beginning to feel more confident about my Spanish speaking abilities and understanding of public transportation. So, a few of my fellow classmates and I decided to go on an independent excursion to the beach. We woke up early on a Sunday morning, met up at the bus stop, and waited 20 minutes until it arrived. That bus took us to the center of San Jose where we had to take a taxi to go to the 7-10 bus station. We arrived at the station at 8:30 only to find that the 9:00 bus was full so instead we got tickets for the 11:00. We walked around San Jose for a long time in search for a bathroom because the station charged you. At 11:00, we stood in line to board the bus. In that time we participated in what can only be described as a police line up. All of the passengers were single file against a wall with our bags three feet in front of us. A police dog came and searched/sniffed our bags. They checked our ID’s and then we boarded the bus. It was a fairly comfortable two-hour journey. We finally arrived in Jaco, and all of the original doubts about the trip disappeared. The beach was beautiful and very hot! The water was like a bathtub and the sun felt incredible on my skin. We spent the next few hours soaking in the rays and enjoying our time in the sand. It was a really great experience not only spending time on the beach, but to learn about different methods of transportation in a foreign country. I obviously have much to learn about finding my way around Costa Rica. It is a good thing I have four more weeks here.


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