Where am I?

By: Jill Salvucci

I am not a person who normally takes public transportation. I am not a snobby person and it is not because I think I am above it, I just have always have driven myself to where I want to go. The few times I have used public transportation, like the T in Boston or the subway in New York or the metro in Washington D.C., it has been fairly easy to navigate. I would find where I wanted to go pretty easily. Given that everything around me was written in English and the people working for the transportation spoke English, but that is beside the point I am about to make.

Here is Costa Rica, I am lucky enough to live about a fifteen minute walking distance away from the school so I can’t say I have truly experienced traveling on the bus. I mean we went as a group a couple times but Roxana was directing us the entire time so I don’t really count it. Anyways, what I can say I have experienced are trying to find my way in a taxi.

Now here in Costa Rica, address are about as vague as you can get. I think my address says I live 700 meters away from a pharmacy. Given that my house is actually not even on the same street as the pharmacy. Whenever I am taking a taxi back to my house, once we make it to the pharmacy I then have to direct the driver back to my house.

This weekend my mom and her friend came to visit me. After they finally arrived to ICADS to meet me, we then all headed back to the hotel. My host mother gave the taxi driver the address to the hotel. Apparently, there are two Marriott hotels next to the airport. The taxi driver took us to the wrong hotel and no matter how hard we tried to explain this was the wrong hotel he insisted it was right. We then had to get out of the taxi and get another taxi from that hotel to our hotel. It was a whole ordeal and it was not cheap either.

In the end, what I am getting out of this is tolerance for adversity and uncertainty. I have always made it where I intend to go in the end. It just might take about two hours longer than the amount of time I expected. Everyday it has gotten easier, and by the end of these six weeks I am sure I will be a pro.

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