Air Quality

By: Marin Williams

Our halfway point in Costa Rica is fast approaching. It is hard to believe that I have been in this country for almost three weeks. Everyday has so much to offer whether it’s learning about the city life, culture, or language. However, after being here for three weeks, I have started to notice things I had not at first. The thing that has really caught my attention is the air. I have become accustomed to the pleasant stickiness of the humid tropics, but I have not adjusted to the poor air quality. When I walk to the gym, to school, or even out to lunch, I am overwhelmed with the amount of emissions coming from buildings, cars and busses. I luckily do not have asthma or any other lung disease, but the air does cause a slight discomfort. I think that being in a foreign country for more than a few weeks allows you to view it more objectively instead of just the face value. Costa Rica has incredible rainforests, intricate ecosystems and a plethora of wildlife, but their air isn’t great.


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