Calmer Air to Life in Limon

By: Anthony Fraden

The definite highlight of this week would be when we went on our weekend trip to Cahuita. We were able to watch a live Calypso band, enjoy some time at the beach and have a nice relaxing breather from the hustle and bustle in our daily lives here. It was a very peaceful and relaxing setting and I took a great liking to the culture of Cahuita. The cultural differences between the provinces of San José and Limón are quite noticeable. While in San José many people pressure themselves to always appear well dressed and wear pants and dress shirts despite the intense heat, there is a different calmer air to life in Limón and many people walk around in clothing that is more comfortable and breathable. During our time there I got the chance to learn some Calypso songs from my professor who is a well-known musician of Calypsonian music, and I was able to sing a few of these songs with the band that we listened to. One of my favorite things to do when learning about new cultures is to get a sense of their variations and styles of music, so for me this was by far one of my favorite parts of the weekend and of our trip to Costa Rica in general. We were also able to have some fun at the beaches this weekend, and at one of the beaches I accidentally lost my glasses in the ocean. Luckily Marta was somehow able to pull off a miracle and find them. I had been searching for them for about a half hour, trying to feel my way through the shoreline when she came by and offered to help look. In less than a minute she felt around for them and found them almost immediately. It was so surreal when that happened, and I had basically lost all hope that I would see them again. So I definitely have to give a shout out to Marta this week. You’re the real MVP, Marta!! I’m looking forward to the rest of the trips we take while we’re staying in Costa Rica. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of other fun and eye-opening experiences in store for us too!


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