One Weekend Without Spanish

By: Jill Salvucci

Throughout my years of middle and high school Spanish has always been a difficult
subject for me to grasp. Between the fact that language arts has never been my specialty and never really connecting with any of my language teachers, I found myself dreading everyday I had Spanish class.
That was the case before I got to Costa Rica. Now I love my Spanish class, my teacher is great and I just love the fact how the class focuses on learning how to have conversations rather then drilling grammar into my brain for an hour. What adds to my class so much as well is the fact my host family speaks no English, so I am forced to practice my Spanish all day long.
Opposed to my classes in high school where I would speak Spanish maybe for an hour tops then not speak soonish again till my next Spanish class. Now what I am trying to get at is that learning a language is very temperamental. This
weekend we went to Cahuita, an area where almost every resident speaks english. I spend a majority of my day speaking English, the few times I found myself speaking Spanish I would struggle a second to think what I wanted to say.
Even spending two days away from my total Spanish speaking life, I found myself losing a bit of my knowledge. I have learned that I need to make a conscious effort to at least use 50% Spanish and 50% English when we go away to places that speak English for the weekend. I know when I do go home I will not be speaking Spanish pretty much at all but I want to make the most of the language immersion so that when I leave I know enough to succeed in a Spanish class at Elon.


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