The New Experiences Cahuita Gave to Me

By: Eliza Upton

  1. SLOTHS!!! Caught my first glimpse of the weirdly entertaining animal on Friday night. The little guy was hanging out (literally) on the power lines by our resort. The sloth was just hanging upside down by its hands and feet in position that did not seem very comfortable, however it was not fazed at all by the bus of people yelling and taking pictures. For me it was intrigue at first sight. What an odd animal we had come across that I could have stared at for hours.
  1. The Caribbean Sea. Our arrival in Cahuita marked my first time at the Caribbean Sea and I was not disappointed. Not only was it pleasant to look at, but it was also perfect for swimming. While my loyalties will always be with The Great Lakes, the waves and warm water of the Caribbean are a close second.
  1. Banana Plantation. On our way to Cahuita we stopped by Earth University where we had the chance to tour part of the campus and see their banana plantation. At the plantation we were greeted by hot weather and a tour guide full of endless banana and plant facts. Something I learned about bananas is that they do not grow off of trees. What I’ve been considering a banana tree my entire life is actually a banana herb since the banana plant does not have any woody tissue that the tree classification requires.
  1. The sound of wild monkeys. The trees surrounding our resort are not only occupied by sloths, but also monkeys. Monkeys who are not very big in stature, but are larger than life with the noises they make. A mix between a lion’s roar and a car engine, their cry was enough to make you terrified to walk alone.

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