The True Meaning of Pura Vida

By: Lyn Nelson

Its not everyday you can sit with your professor under an almond tree and listen to him play the guitar.

The crystal blue waters sparkled under the blazing sun of the Parque Nacional beach. Some played football, some enjoyed the buoyancy of the repetitive waves, and some laid out under the sun. It was nice to see that everyone in the group was enjoying themselves.

The sombra of the Almond tree hovering over the shore was inviting, as we had only been there 20 minutes and my skin was already beginning to flake off. I sat with our professor Miguel on a small wooden bench under the almond tree listening to him strum his guitar. He encouraged me to sing along, but simply listening to his various chord progressions was so tranquilo.

The suns rays emerged only slightly through the thick leaves that rattled with the beachy breeze.

Nothing but good vibes on our weekend in Cahuita. I was able to reflect upon why I was here in Costa Rica, why I had chosen to do Gap, and how meaningful all my experiences have been.

This was the true meaning of pura vida.


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