Time to Explore

By: Henry Bost
Wow, I just got back from Monte Verde, and what an amazing weekend that was. Although clearly a haven solely intended for Gringo tourists, sometimes its nice to indulge in such pleasures. We stayed at an absolutely gorgeous hotel in the mountains, full of cool places to walk and pleasant front porch areas to sit on and enjoy the vistas. We went zip-lining on Saturday, and although my fear of heights in such a context providing me with some inhibitions to overcome, once we got going, I let all of those go and was thrilled by the experience. The town we were near was very pleasant with many shops and restaurants to be enjoyed. These weekend trips have really been the highlights of our time here. Although San Jose is amazing to live in and experience, I have most enjoyed the trips to the other parts of Costa Rica, where the worries are less and the relaxation/pleasure oriented activities are more emphasized. Don’t get me wrong, the classes here at ICADS and activities we do in the urban environment have been truly eye opening and inspiring, but my inner hedonist cannot help but jump for joy when we hop on that bus on Fridays to go explore some cool new area in Costa Rica.


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