A New Friend

By: Lyn Nelson

Every day on my walk to school I pass an old man sitting the steps of the beautiful church that stands in the middle of Curridabat. On most days he has on a pair of tattered light blue jeans, and a faded t-shirt splattered in white paint. His shoulder length grey hair flows out from under his bright orange baseball cap, and in his right hand rests a walking stick.

I have passed him many times on the way to school without having a single interaction. It’s common for men in Costa Rica to cat call at you when you walk by, so I wasn’t exactly sure what this man would do if this random girl from the United States decided to say hello.

Although after about two weeks passed I decided I wanted to hear this man’s story. He seemed like such a peaceful guy, and had never once said anything condescending to me.

The morning I decided to say hello, he responded with “Hello young one. How are you doing on this fine morning? Have a splendid day.” His response made me smile. It seemed so heartfelt, and meaningful.

Now every day on my way to and from school I look forward to saying hello to my new friend. Although I have yet to have a full conversation with him, I hope that I can get to hear his story at some point, because it certainly deserves to be known.


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