Costa Rican Home Depot

By: Jack Kapes

Tomorrow (November 12th) we have an afternoon of service painting a school just outside of San Jose and Henry and I decided to head to the store with Roxana to buy supplies. Just under a block away from ICADs, past the San Jose Sports Club, Banco Regular and the train station is EPA. EPA is pretty much a Home Depot or a Menards and we were there to buy paint and other supplies for the next day. As we walked into the building we were met with life sized nutcrackers and a store decorated for Christmas. Now I thought that the holiday season began the day after Thanksgiving and I think that it’s too early anyway but here in Costa Rica the holiday season begins around the end of Halloween. The store was decorated thoroughly with Christmas decorations. They had lights, trees, fake snow and other decorations accompanied with the pleasant sound of Christmas music. We stopped by the paint department and organized all the pain that we were to need and headed to grab brushes and other items while the paint was being dyed. I never really knew this before but when you buy pain they actually make it at the store. All the paint buckets are just clear or white paint that is put in a machine and dyed to your liking. A bit off topic but I thought that it was pretty interesting. Anyway, while looking for the paining isle Henry and I stumbled upon a gem, machetes. Every since we visited the banana plantation we’ve had dreams of buying one. I haven’t really had dreams about machetes but you get the idea, they’re cool as heck and can cut through just about anything. We walked up to the plastic display where the machetes hung and took one out. It was about length of my arm and sharp as heck. I expected them to be quite expensive but to my surprise they only ran about 3,000-5,000 colones which is about $6-10 USD. They came with a beautiful leather knife holder that loops along your chest. I was tempted to get one but I told myself that if I wasn’t living in a concrete jungle that I really didn’t need one. We gathered the brushes, grabbed the paint and headed for the checkout counter and then made our way out to Roxana’s car. We hopped in the car and drove back to ICADs, paint and supplies in hand. I’m looking forward to the service tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get home before it starts to rain again.

Editor’s Note: Jack did not actually purchase a machete during his visit to EPA.

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