Making the Most

By: Anthony Fraden

This week was another week filled with education about the local culture and further continuation of our Spanish classes. During the beginning of our week we took our Society and Culture Midterm test, which was a review of different historical events, figures and customs of Costa Rica. I believe that everyone did well on the test, only missing a few questions here and there. After the test was over everyone heaved a sigh of relief and we all said goodbye to our teacher for the first half of our Society and Culture class, Manuel Monestel. He has been a fantastic teacher over this first half of our journey here, and he has worked hard to teach us in a way that is informative yet not overly-dense or complicated. I’m glad to have had him as a teacher. After the rest of our classes in the week we drove to Monteverde in the northwestern mountainous region of Costa Rica. Here we had the chance to go zip-lining over beautiful scenery and swinging from high-up places. It was amazing yet also quite intimidating in some portions of our canopy tour. I had never been zip-lining before, but I found it to be an exhilarating experience. It felt freeing to be gliding from place to place, especially across some of the larger more open stretches of cables. After we finished our zip-lining tour we got to see this local wild macaw that I ended up befriending and spending time with for a little while. This week has been great, and Costa Rica is continually treating us all well. It’s a little sad that we only have 2 more weeks left here, but I plan on making the most of them!


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