The Little Things

By: Marin Williams

  1. Tico Time: When it comes to punctuality, Costa Rican’s are very relaxed. Arriving late to meet friends or go to dinner is very commonplace.
  2. Food: Gallo Pinto is a must for breakfast. For lunch or dinner, Casados are typical served with fried plantains and rice.
  3. Saying Hello: Normally when you greet a Tico, you give them a kiss on the left cheek. Men generally give handshakes.
  4. Manners: Don’t walk barefoot around the house, it is considered unsanitary.
  5. Taxi: When you hail a cab, you stick your hand into the road. There are not really street names, so we use stores and landmarks as directions. Also slamming taxi doors makes the driver very upset-close softly.
  6. Septic System: Costa Rican toilets are not able to process toilet paper. You have to dispose it in the provided receptacle.
  7. Paying: when eating out in a restaurant, you walk up to the counter to pay when you’re finished eating. You have to remember what you ordered otherwise someone would forget to pay for their cup of fruit.
  8. Speaking: Costa Rica is one of the only Spanish speaking countries that doesn’t use second person. They address others formally as he or she.
  9. Shower: Costa Ricans are very clean. It is important to shower everyday or else your host mom will start telling you in discrete side comments (i.e.: Do you prefer cold or warm showers after exercising?).
  10. Pura Vida: Despite having many little differences, Costa Rica is a fantastic place to be and everyday is a reminder that life is good.

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