Time Flies

By: Andrew Novinski

It feels like yesterday we were on the beach in Cahuita, Costa Rica…but it also feels like 3 weeks ago. Each week takes so much out of you, but can sometimes go by fast if you’re not paying attention. Learning different phrases each day, interacting with locals in stores all the time, and delving oneself into a new part of the life in Costa Rica on each weekend excursion takes quite a toll on your body both mentally and physically.

We have visited rain forests and coasts, but this weekend we got to go up in the mountains of Monteverde and tour a cloud forest. Like the name says it is as if you are walking through a forest in the clouds. You will be walking and then all of the sudden its gets really foggy and misty for a couple minutes. The park we were touring was on the continental divide and there was a point where we got to a scenic overlook which in reality was not scenic, but very mesmerizing. It was like looking off the edge of a cliff, but instead of seeing the bottom you could only see about 15 feet down and the rest was just cloudy filling and the winds were strong.

The second part of the day was on my bucket list. We got to do a canopy zip line tour. We did 13 cables (2 superman style), repelled, and did a giant swing. Some of the lines were fast and short and others were much longer and were incredibly high up. I did not think that the way we would stop would be by grabbing the cable and pulling down. Granted we had very thick gloves on, but I was imagining a break mechanism on the pulley. We were zip lining across a valley and we were a hundred feet plus above the ground. We could see cows below and they were pretty small. The first superman style cable we did was a kilometer long and it was scary going head first looking down the valley and at the vegetation.

It was a long tiring weekend and we only have two weekends left together, which is weird to think about. We will all come back in January and be in different places and classes for the first time. The next two weeks are going to be a blast. There are more stories to come!

Pura Vida!!!

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