When In Rome

By: Nathan Hunnicutt


The area was crisp and calming,

But my body could not stop shaking.

I was under control,

Or was I?

There were seven of us,

Seven souls to brave the fall.

We would charge into eternity one by one.


The red, metal bird cage held us captive,

As we were dragged across the sky.

The sky revealed a valiant blue and white

Waving its colors for all to see.

The drop zone was encircled,

Mist had painted red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo streaks side by side.

We were enclosed, captured,

With no way out but to jump.


Five seconds,

Till four minutes of a life time.

Three others to stand above me.

One memory that will live on in infamy.

I am falling,

I am free.

Bungee Jumping.JPG

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