By: Lyn Nelson

Yesterday I was faced with a drizzle when I forgot to bring my umbrella along with me on my 30 minute walk home from ICADS. The cold rain drops hitting me in the face, and damping my hair reminded me of the slight drizzle I felt as I disembarked the NOLS school bus into the abyss of the Wind River Range just four months ago. I couldn’t help but remember seeing Anthony’s face when he realized he had forgotten to pack a rain jacket and knew he was going to have to use a trash bag for the entire trip.

As the time we have together as a cohort dwindles, it’s become a commonality that during break time, or a group dinner, someone will bring up a story from our previous experiences such as “oh remember the time Anthony forgot his rain jacket during NOLS?” And we’ll spend the rest of the time laughing and reflecting on that experience.  As much as we try to explain our stories to other people, these are experiences that only our cohort will truly understand. Reflecting on our “common ground” developed over the past several months has allowed the bond of our cohort to strengthen.

These are the moments (when we are all gathered together sharing stories) that remind me that although at times living with 14 people is certainly a challenge, every single part of our Gap Semester has allowed me to form unbreakable bonds with 14 incredible people, and that I would not change the experiences I’ve shared with these people for the world. I’m very thankful that our time spent together has allowed us to reflect upon our previous journeys because there are many stories that are never going to be worth forgetting.

As I laid in bed the other night thinking about all of the times Gap 2015 has shared together, I realized how sad it made me that I could count the days left when have in our gap semester on my 10 fingers. As much as I look forward to sleeping in my own bed, I know how much I’m going to miss this 14 other people when I am back home- so as a positive outlook on the limited time left we have together- I know that my Gap friends are going to help make this last week in Costa Rica is going to be one of the most memorable and important times of my life.


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